About Me

My name is Hélène Bélanger

Some people love dogs, some are crazy about dogs – the latter would describe me very well, as I am totally crazy about dogs.

Dog grooming is actually a late career change. I enjoyed and was successful in my previous careers, which included accounting, various roles in the automotive industry: first in service, sales and financing department which was followed by a career in the private education field as a career counselor... but something was missing. Then, some years back, I acquired my first purebred show dog and thus began my passion for grooming and training my wonderful canine friends.

In September 2005 I enrolled in a nine months dog grooming course at a school in Brampton, which is the only dog grooming school recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Vocational Training. I chose the school based on the extensive training, both written and practical. My teacher, Barbara Hodgkinson, is a Master Groomer (yes they do have accreditations for dog groomers) and has won a number of International Grooming Competitions. Her daughter, Ginger, is incredibly talented.

By having this high level of training, I was able to learn not only the correct, but the recognized grooming techniques for all the various breeds and dog groups. I graduated with honors in June 2006 and was offered a position at the school as a groomer and teacher’s assistant. I worked at the school for 18 months to gain more hands on experience, which was invaluable as it provided more time to develop my scissoring technique and to do so surrounded by a very talented group of teachers. I decided to leave the school simply because the demands being made by my personal clients left me with little time to devote to the school and students.

My salon is located in my home. The environment here is more relaxed than at a busy grooming shop, which is nice for nervous dogs. But since this is my house, I take a maximum of four dogs per day. Most owners leave their dogs for only a few hours while they are being groomed. Naturally not every owner is able to pick up their dogs when they are finished, those dogs are welcome to stay here until the end of their owner’s work day.

Since I groom by myself and I am not located next or in a veterinary clinic, I cannot groom large breeds or dogs which are not groomed regularly or extremely matted. I recommend that if your dog is matted to the skin, he or she be

groomed by a groomer located inside a veterinary clinic, in the event of a clipper cut or other complication. I will be happy to recommend another groomer.

I am also involved in breeding Chinese Crested dogs with a wonderful friend of mine and kennel partner, Laurel Brown. We travel to various dog shows across Ontario and the US with Laurel’s motorhome. This way we can bring all our dogs. What better way to spend some of our weekends than with our dogs and great friends? We also get to see the many different breeds which help me in keeping in touch with how each breed is groomed. Often, I use the example of some of the dogs I see at dog shows and adapt their clips to a more practical “at home” style, shorter while retaining some of the breed’s individual style of grooming.

My philosophy about dog grooming is simple: I strive to give each dog the best possible clip for his or her breed, taking into account the age, coat texture, health and lifestyle of both the dog and its owner. It’s all about your dog and his or her comfort.

Price varies depending on your dog’s breed, size and coat condition. Please contact me for further information..