"When should my puppy get its first professional grooming?"

Grooming for your puppy should begin at 10 to 12 weeks, or one week after the second vaccination. This will allow your puppy to become acquainted with the sounds of the grooming equipment and routine. Your groomer will show you proper brushing or combing techniques. These lessons should start early to imprint on your puppy, which in turn will make he or she relaxed and comfortable when being groomed. We recommend a grooming session every month for the first 4 months.

"Why does my dog itch after grooming?"

There could be several reasons: Some dogs itch due to allergies or sensitive skin. If this is the case, tell your groomer so that a hypo allergenic shampoo for sensitive skin can be used at the next grooming. Sometimes a dog will itch or rub because the skin feels different or slightly dry after a bath (same as a person would itch). In some cases, small hair after clipping will prickle the dog’ skin temporarily. Another reason is when the dog is severely matted and a very short blade had to be used to get under that matting. Owners are responsible for the regular in home brushing of their pets to maintain their coats so a dog groomer can do a proper clip. If your dog “scoots” or rubs his/her behind, it might be caused by an irritation due to fecal matter trapped in the hair on top of the anus (apply Gold Bond Medicated Powder for itching, or baby diaper rash cream which can be purchased at any Pharmacy). Sometimes a dog will “scoot” after his or her anal glands were expressed since they feel “different”. These symptoms are normally temporary, should they persist or you feel that something else might be bothering your dog, please contact your groomer for advice.

"I brush my dog regularly but was told he/she was matted"

Mats, or tangles, begin at the skin outwards so by the time the owner can actually see the mat, it has been established for a long time. Depending on coat length, texture and thickness, brushing will only reach the top 1⁄2 of the coat and will not reach the mat. In such cases, a good quality metal comb should be used. Please ask your groomer which tool(s) is best for your dog’s coat.

In some cases, mats can be removed with special tools but sometimes the only option is to shave the coat, resulting in the dog getting a very short clip. The blades cannot cut through the matting; they can only cut underneath it.

“Should I get my dog groomed in winter even if it’s cold?”

Yes, even more so. Your dog’s coat still grows in winter but the clip will not be as short as in summer. The furnace being on in winter creates dryness and static electricity, which makes the coat more prone to matting. Extra conditioner will be used to re-moisture your dogs’ coat in the winter months.

If your dog goes for walks outside, regular grooming will also remove the salt and sand from the road that accumulates in your dog’s coat.

“Should I bathe my dog between grooming?”

If is very dirty, sandy or rubbed in something with a bad odor then yes. You must completely brush and comb your dog’s coat before the bath, making sure there are absolutely no matting (as the water will tighten the mats). Use a good quality dog shampoo and conditioner (not people products which are too strong), completely dry the dog’s coat then brush and comb it again. Your groomer also provides bath/dry & fluff J


Before going to the Groomer, I would recommend to feed your dog only 1⁄2 of his or her normal meal. Please potty your dog at home before getting to the groomer.

Call to make sure your dog is ready before coming to pick him or her up. If you get the answering machine, this means that I am giving my full attention to your dog – leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If your dog is nervous when dropping him/her off, it is best to act normally and positive about the grooming and not feeling sorry or soothe him or her, which is in fact rewarding your dog for being nervous. This will only reinforce the negative experience as your dog will think something is really wrong if you give off that type of energy. In order to give your dog confidence and since dogs can sense how you feel, it is much better for you to come in with a calm, happy and positive attitude.

Some dogs love getting groomed and are very excited about getting to the groomer. Others behave scared but as soon as their parents leave, they are happy and relaxed. All efforts are made to make your dog comfortable with positive reinforcement, petting, kisses, love and affection.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or discuss any concerns you might have.